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Anredera Cordifolia Health Benefits To Cure Skin And Eyes

Asian believes Anredera Cordifolia health benefits to cure eyes and face. These from the Basellaceae family, other names are Heart Leaf, Madeira vine, Deng San Chi. This plant is a medicinal plant that grows in lowland and plateau. The leaves benefits for facial skin have long used in traditional medicine.

In China, Madeira vine called Dheng San Chi, this plant has consumed for thousands of years by Asian in China, Korea, Taiwan. This nation has used Madeira vine leaves for traditional medicine, as well as stems and tubers.

Anredera Cordifolia Health Benefits

The health benefits are to accelerate the recovery of health after surgery and childbirth, healing of any external and internal injuries, including colitis. Smooth and normalize blood circulation, stroke prevention, tumor and cancer. Used as a rheumatic prevention agent, hemorrhoids, to cure diabetes, thrush, abdominal pain, nosebleed, itching of the skin, to cure cholesterol, ulcers, gout, and expel urination, defecation.

In general, people only know the benefits of Madeira vine leaves, while other parts also used as herbs. Rhizome extracted in water can used 2-3 times a day to cure boils, typhoid, dysentery, prevent stroke, gout and lumbago. It also make your body feel fit by adding egg yolks and honey.

Here's how to treat by using Anredera Cordifolia leaves:
  1. Take the fresh leaves then smooth it. Apply this paste to the affected part of the body, injury, or swelling.
  2. To cure acne: give six fresh Madeira vine leaves, then mash until smooth as a paste. Apply this paste on acne at night before bed. This paste also used as a face mask, is very effective to remove wrinkles, and smooth the skin.
  3. Other way to cure acne: Provide six fresh Madeira vine leaves, boiled into 2 glasses of water until the remaining a glass. Add a little honey and drink a glass, twice a day.

The benefits of Madeira vine leaves can also be used to clean your eyes. According to the tradition in Asia, Madeira vine leaves extract is possible to clean the eyes, to cure red eyes. Madeira vine leaves extract can obtained by heating it into water for 15 minutes at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.


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