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Averrhoa Carambola Leaves Benefits To Treat Cancer And Skin

This plant widely grown Asian in home gardens, it has many benefits for health. Averrhoa carambola leaves benefits and medicinal use to treat cancer and skin diseases has used since hundreds of years ago. The star fruit and most thrives in Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka.

Averrhoa carambola leaves benefits

Averrhoa Carambola spread across Southeast Asia, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Peru, Ghana, Guyana, Tonga and Polynesia. In America, this plant has cultivated mainly in the South Florida region and Hawaii. The development is now quite fast because the benefits are very good to treat some diseases.

Characteristics of plants have compound leaves, leaf length reaches 50 cm. Branches are very many and grow to reach 5 meters. The nurture of star fruit is quite easy because it does not need much sun, it can grow in the shade room. Pink flowers appear at the end of the branch. The fruit looks like a star if sliced, and a lot of juice or water so potentially to made wine.

Averrhoa Carambola Leaves Benefits

Some of Averrhoa Carambola leaves benefits, medicinal use to treat cancer and skin diseases are:

Averrhoa Carambola leaves to treat scabies, ulceration:
  1. Boil fresh Averrhoa Carambola leaves.
  2. The hot boiled water used to wash your scabies.

Averrhoa Carambola leaves recipe to treat boils:
  1. Take fresh leaves than mashed, and mix with rice water to make pasta.
  2. Paste on boils and then wrapped with cloth.

Averrhoa Carambola leaf recipe to treat cancer:
  1. Take a quarter of a handful of Averrhoa Carambola leaves, half a young papaya leaf, a quarter of a handful of young Phyllanthus acidus leaves, one-third of a handful of Amaranthus gangeticus leaves, and two-fingered carrots.
  2. Add one and a half glass of warm water, milled all herbs until smooth.
  3. Strain the water and add a spoon of honey, then drink once a day.

The pharmacological effects of Averrhoa Carambola leaves are chelity, neutral, anti-inflammatory, urinary, to treat fever. Stems and leaves are acidic, so it is potentially against cancer spreading to your body. Averrhoa Carambola leaves recipes to treat cancer and skin diseases is very easy and a good herb at home.


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