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Betel Leaf Benefits For Skin And To Treat Fluor Albus

Betel leaf has now become a herbaceous plant that easily cultivated at home. Red betel leaf benefits for skin and femininity used by our parents since the first as a traditional herb. Various benefits obtained from betel leaves, and the utilization of leaves has not been use optimally. Red betel leaf in Latin called Piper Crocatum, this plant is growing in Asia.

At the moment, most people use pharmaceutical drugs that have mixed with various chemicals. The ingredients of the mixture may not necessarily fit the skin, so many people are allergic. Using betel leaves as herbal ingredients is quite easy, it takes only the leaves and simple equipment to mix herbs.

Betel Leaf Benefits For Skin

Currently some industries have been producing volatile oil of betel leaf. This oil contains betiephenol, sesquiterpen, starch, diatase, sugar, and chavicol. Red betel leaf contains active ingredients such as alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, and saponins that have antibacterial ability. So this product is able to eliminate body odor caused by bacteria and fungi.

Betel Leaf Benefits

In traditional medicine, the benefits of red betel leaf for femininity, to eliminate odor, and cure fungal diseases. Leaves are also useful for removing sputum, shedding, hemostatic, and stopping bleeding. Here morphology of red betel leaves are generally cultivate by Indonesian:
  1. The betel plant can reach a height of 15 m, red betel stem of red betel, round shape, has a stem segment.
  2. Single heart-shaped leaves, pointed leaf tips, grow alternately. Stalked leaves and smells delicious when squeezed. Leaf length between 5 to 8 cm and width of 2 to 5 cm.
  3. Having a compound-shape flowers and grains, there are 1 mm protective leaves and round shape. Long grain of 1.5 to 3 cm, there are two short stamens. And another grain of 1.5 to 6 cm long, there are three to five pistils.
  4. This plant has root penetration, round and yellowish brown.

Red betel leaf benefits for skin and femininity is usually useful to tighten the female organs. The herbs is generally to wash the organs, and can used after childbirth. According to traditional medicine, red betel leaves can restore intimate organs. In addition, red betel leaf overcome the smell of female organs that cause itching and odor. Here's how to make herbs red betel leaves at your home:
  1. Take 10 pieces of red betel leaf, no pests or damaged.
  2. Then boil it into 2 glasses of water, wait a few minutes to boil to produce the fragrant betel.
  3. Once cool, use boiling water to wash your organs. Do it 3 times a day.

Red betel leaf benefits for skin is antiseptic that will overcome the problem of femininity. Among them to treat Fluor Albus, itching due to fungi and allergies. This herb is only to treat skin disease, not to drink. Herbs can also used to treat eczema, ulcers (pyodermi), ringworm, and wash sore eyes. Gargle using betel leaf herbs to treat canker sores and bad breath.


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