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Cogongrass Roots Extract Benefits And Compounds

Cogongrass or (Imperata Cylindrica L. Raeusch) a sharp-leaved weed. This one weed can found between the plantation and the unoccupied vacant lot. Cogongrass roots extract benefits to make some of the herbs that have long been use by Indonesians. The development of weeds is highly invasive, very rapid and very disturbing to agriculture.

Cogongrass Roots Extract Benefits

In herbal medicine, cogongrass roots extract benefits are use as a powerful source of herbs. This plant multiply, any time the rhizomes can harvested from adult plants. Characteristic rhizomes used for herbs are pale, taste sweet and cool.

Cogongrass roots benefits to lower body temperature, expel urination. It also used to stop bleeding, bleeding in the nose, vomiting blood, gonorrhea, hepatitis, and kidney infections. The sweet and tasty rhizomes used as anti-pretic, diuretic or urinary, hemostatic or stop bleeding, treating the stomach and small intestine.

Cogongrass Roots Extract Benefits

According to the study, Cogongrass root contains compounds mannitol, glucose, malic acid, citric acid, coixol, arundoin, cylindrin. It also contains fernerol, simiarenol, anemonin, esin, alkali, saponin, tanninine, and polyphenols. The root benefits are:
  1. Root to soften skin, urinary, blood cleanser, appetite enhancer, stop bleeding.
  2. Treatment for venereal diseases, including gonorrhea, syphilis.
  3. Treatment for kidney disease, wounds and fever, high blood pressure and neurological diseases.
  4. Cogongrass leaves can be use as paper and ringworm treatments. Cellulose leaves can absorb water and are very good for making tablets.

In some clinical tested, Cogongrass health benefits have felt by some patients. Among the clinical tested as follows:
  1. The Cogongrass rhizome has a diuretic effect, this is based on rat urine research showing an increase in electrolyte concentration (Na, K, Cl). The antipyretic effect of marmot was test by giving roots extract at doses of 40, 50, 60, 70 g/kg.
  2. In clinical tested, Cogongrass root doses of 250 to 300 gr were administer in the morning and evening, curing 27 cases of 30 acute Nephritis sufferers (damage to the renal glomerular section due to bacterial infection). For chronic Nephritis sufferers, Cogongrass herbs can reduce edema and lower blood pressure.
  3. Rhizome extract as much as 250 grams can treat nosebleeds, hemoptysis (coughing blood), blood urine, and upper gastrointestinal bleeding.
  4. Cogongrass root extract is also effective for the treatment of acute viral hepatitis in 28 cases.

Cogongrass root side effects are experiencing dizziness and nausea, and often constipated. If herbs are appropriate doses, consumption of root extracts has no toxic effect. Maximizing cogongrass roots extract benefits has done in traditional medicine, and the dose determines.


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