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Crepe Myrtle Leaves Benefits For Diabetes And Hypertension

Crepe myrtle is one of the shade plants that look beautiful when pink flowering. The Latin name is Lagerstroemia Speciosa, or other name is Crape-myrtle Queen, or Pride of India. Crepe myrtle leaves benefits often used by our parents to treat diabetes and hypertension. Crepe myrtle is a species of Lagerstroemia that thrives in the tropical South Asian region.

Crepe Myrtle Leaves Benefits

Crepe myrtle grows in arid and fertile soil, usually found in forests or as an ornamental plant. The plant cultivated on a plain of 1 to 900 mdpl. Crepe myrtle leaves benefits used on herbs to treat diabetes, cholesterol, diarrhea drugs, eczema oabt, and kidney stones.

Crepe Myrtle Leaves Benefits

According to the legend of Theravada Buddhism, the Crepe myrtle plant mentioned as a tree to attain enlightenment, or Bodhi by the Tenth Buddha and the twelfth Buddha. In Sanskrit, Crepe myrtle known as Mahaasona and Murutha in Sinhala.

Chemical compounds that have been isolate from leaf extract include corosolic acid, lager-stroemin, flosin B, reginine A, tannin, alkaloids, saponins, terpene, glucose. Characteristic of Crepe myrtle tree can seen from its growth, plant height can reach 45 m. Generally Crepe myrtle grows between 25 to 30 meters and has many branches. Crepe myrtle stems are pale brown or even turn brownish red, floral features of a panicle and purple.

Crepe myrtle leaves benefits and how to process them are:

To treat diabetes:

  • Take 8 grams of fresh Crepe myrtle leaves, 9 grams of green beans seeds.
  • Combine the ingredients into 300 ml of clean water, then boil until the water becomes 100 ml.
  • This potion in drinking 1 times a day 100 ml.

To treat hypertension:

  • Take a handful of fresh Crepe myrtle leaves, boiled into water 300 ml.
  • Wait a while until the water becomes 100 ml.
  • Once drink 100 ml, and do 3 times a day.

The above ingredients recipe done routinely until it feels a change. Another way of diabetes treatment can be tried with Anredera Cordifolia leaves tea recipe, or Syzygium Polyanthum leaves.


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