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Euphorbia Hirta Benefits, Medicinal Uses To Treat Eczema

Maybe you've seen the Euphorbia Hirta plant around your garden. Euphorbia hirta benefits has long been use to treat some diseases, such as eczema, glaucoma, asthma, and bronchitis. Other named Fei Yang Cao believed to have anti inflammatory, diuretic and anti pruritic compounds that can relieve itching.

Euphorbia Hirta Benefits

Euphorbia hirta benefits to treat eczema and to cure asthma have used long ago in Indonesia. Its a weed plant, a weed that usually grows in your garden. Not many people know this plant, usually disposed of and liquidated by using pesticides. The development is quite fertile in the tropics, growing on the side of the road and around the river.

Euphorbia Hirta Benefits

Euphorbia Hirta sometimes called an asthma plant, a kind of pantropic weed. This plant is thought to have originated from India, then spread to Asian countries. The morphology of this plant looks hairy, grows in open grasslands, roadside and garden bushes. This herbaceous plant grows upright, climbing or creeping. The leaves are spurs and hairy, green and brownish. And the stems are brown and hairy. According to research, Euphorbia Hirta contains chemical compounds are:
  1. Alkaloids, tannins, folifenols, flavonoids, tannins.
  2. Contains flavonoid compounds quersitrin, triterpenoid, tirukalol, eufosterol, ksanthorhamnin.
  3. Terpenoid eufosterol, tarakserol and tarakseron, kautshuk, taraxerol, friedlin. Betha amyrin, betasitosterol, beta eufol, euforbol, hentriacontane.
  4. Also the elagic acid, organic olite palmitic acids and lanolic acid.

Euphorbia hirta benefits to treat dry eczema, wet eczema, and acne. Herbs can be process simply, the following recipe:
  1. Take fresh herbs as much as 90 grams, then put in a container that has filled a half liter of alcohol content of 70%. Soak leaves for 3 to 5 days.
  2. Use this herb to wash eczema. The leaves contain anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and anti pruritic that can relieve itching on the skin.

Several studies have been develop Euphorbia Hirta to cure diseases in some countries. Its also overcome urinary disorders, to treat lung abscess, chronic bronchitis, breast abscess, abdomenal typus, inflammation of the kidney, sore throat, and inflammation of the breast gland.


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  • Euphorbia Hirta, image by Wikimedia commons.

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