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Lemon Basil Juice Benefits Increased Stamina And Energy

Lemon basil leaf is a plant that often use as a salad in a variety of traditional cuisine. The smell of the leaves was strong and soft, and slightly flavor with limes. Lemon basil is a hybrid plant between the basil species, Ocimum basilicum and O.Americanum. This plant named O.Basilicum var. Benth anisatum. Lemon basil juice benefits for men's health and increased stamina have widely proven and undoubtedly.

Lemon Basil Juice Benefits

Our parents have long used lemon basil leaves as cooking spices, salads, and as traditional herbal ingredients. The benefits of basil lemon leaves efficacious to increasing stamina and relieving fatigue. It also used to treat migraine, fever, depression, and insomnia. Chemical content of basil leaves include eugenol, sineol, methylkhavikol, protein, calcium.

Lemon Basil Juice Benefits

Lemon basil herbs for men to increase stamina is very influential in compounding. Compounds 1-8 Sineol, Apigenin Fenkhona and Eugenol, which contained in Lemon basil leaves can overcome the lack of energy of the body. Arginine compounds contained in Lemon basil leaves can improve cell health and are very good for men.

Women can also feel the benefits of Lemon basil leaves, especially to keep the uterus healthy. Lemon basil leaves can stimulate estrogen hormone growth, treat diseases of whitish and fungi. Also can stimulate egg maturation to increase fertility, reduce fluid secretion.

The recipes that our ancestors have revealed can found in some traditions. The recipe has widely used in healing in rural, remote tribes far from modern medicine. Lemon basil widely grown in the yard of the house, in addition to vegetable salad also used for herbal ingredients some diseases.

Here's how to process Lemon basil leaves to increase stamina and energy:
  1. Grab a handful of fresh basil leaves, then blend and add hot water. Wait until the water is warm, add a spoon of honey and stir until evenly distributed. Drink warm lemon basil juice once a day.
  2. If you do not like the taste, this herb can mixed with other foods. For example reducing the dose of hot water and used as jam spread on bread.

Everyone has different stamina and energy, nothing is the same and depends on the genetic. Actually there are many benefits of Lemon basil leaves that have not revealed, even the juice could have caused other benefits besides increase stamina. Lemon basil juice are also used for blood pressure, keeping the heart rate normal throughout the body.


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