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Massoia Bark Benefits For Women's Health And Respiratory

This spice not popular as cinnamon, but it's almost similar properties. Massoia bark more popular in eastern Indonesia, while the western region very familiar with cinnamon. Massoia bark benefits for women's health almost the same as the cinnamon, this plant widely used by Asians. Mesoyi or Massoi, Aikor or Aikori, latin name is Cryptocarya Massoy (Oken) Kosterm, is a family of cinnamon.

Massoia Bark Benefits

Some traditions used massoia for building materials, bark used as a mixture for red dye and perfumes. The smell of bark used for the manufacture of powder mixed with herbs, such as cloves. The powder benefits to warm the skin in winter or rain. Another tradition mentions that wood burned like incense, so it spreads the scent throughout the room.

Massoia trees in Indonesia have the most populations growing on Irian and Papua New Guinea. It can  found in Nabire, Kaimana, Fak-fak, Merauke, Jayapura, Sarmi, and the most in Nabire District. Plant height can reach 25 meters, trunk diameters of about 30 cm, and the bark thickness reaches 0.5 cm.

The bark aromatics is very distinctive and spreading around the plant. These comes from the essential oil content named Massoia Lactone. The characteristics of the leaves round egg-shaped, tapered toward the tip of leaf, circular or opposite leaves. Flower has a long stalk reaches 10 cm, sprout near the base of the leaf. While the fruit like berries and one seed.

The bark of the outer massoia is gray, and the inside is reddish-brown. This skin will dried, then change the color becomes older and duller. Which must remember when harvest, sap of massoia bark can cause itching on the skin, there even blistered skin.

Massoia Bark Benefits

According to some studies, the massoia bark benefits for woman's health used as lotions and are an important ingredient in some herbal remedies in Java. Massoia wood can prevent cramps during pregnancy, restore vitality after childbirth, to remove the smell of the room or other materials, used as a tonic and antispasmodic.

Massoia bark widened blood vessels and used as a fragrance ingredient. The following massoia bark benefits for health are:
  1. According to Susan Estelle DiGeorgio's study, Purdue University, Cryptocarya Massoy (Oken) Kosterm is a tree that has used in traditional medicine to treat fever, against the insects and fungi. Allegedly very powerful to treat fluor albus, infectious diseases such as treating syphilis and gonorrhea, inflammation of the cervix, and other diseases caused by fungi.
  2. Can overcome stomach cramps, relieve joint pain and rheumatism.
  3. Used as a herb after delivery to restore vitality, and dilate narrowed blood vessels.
  4. Patients with insomnia may drink massoia tea, it also to treat hypertension and headaches.
  5. Massoi bark to treat respiratory organ diseases such as asthma and bronchitis, also to treat tuberculosis.

The chemical compounds contained in bark are benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate, goniothalamin, heptyl-lactone, and nonyl-lactone. The content found as an active compound in C.Massoy, some bark compounds show good cytotoxic activity. Massoia bark benefits for health now widely used in Asians, they eat and drink daily.


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