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Merremia Mammosa Benefits To Treat Cancer

Many people still do not know Merremia Mammosa benefits to treat cancer. It is one of the yam plants that propagate, twist, the heart-shaped leaves. Flower looks white oval, yams like a sweet potato. Generally found in the forest, and planted in the garden.

Merremia Mammosa Benefits

The plant benefits to treat cancer has now used as an alternative medicine, and only used in the early 20th century. Chemical content contained in these yams believed to cure some diseases, but not a source of carbohydrates. Chemical compounds in tubers are cool, analgesic, and neutralize toxins. Generally used as a herb to cure respiratory organ diseases, such as tuberculosis.

Merremia Mammosa Benefits

The plant grows creeping or twisting, its length can reach up to 6 meters. Character of the leaves are oval-shape and the base of the heart-shape leaf base. Characteristic of potato-like yams, different from Merremia Peltata although the genus is the same, yams assemble up to 6 pieces and weigh up to 5 kg or more in fertile land. Yellowish brownish skin color, thick-skinned and gummy white.

The flowering compound 1 to 4 buds that form an umbrella and white. This flower will turn into fruit and its petals do not fall. The seeds are gray and the edges are brownish. Merremia Mammosa benefits to treat cancer affected by chemicals such as resin, resin, starch, bitter substance. The yams often used for cancer treatment therapy, oxidase substances in fresh gum is very efficacious for the alternative cancers treatment. In addition, The benefits also to treat fever, cough herbs, hoarseness, diphtheria, sore throat, pneumonia, appendicitis, typhoid, constipation, cough and vomiting blood, to treat diabetes, poisoning, snakebite, leprosy, and syphilis Luns. Here is a traditional medicine recipe that can cure the disease:
  1. Prepare 8 grams of fresh yams, 6 grams of rhizome Kaempferia Galanga L, 3 betel leaves, 3 grams cardamom.
  2. Boil whole herbs into water with low heat.
  3. Use boiled water to rinse, than drink 2 times a day every morning and afternoon.

It has polyphenols, triterpenoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. The sap has oxidase. According to a study developed, Merremia Mammosa benefits can prevent HIV virus replication, but can not kill the HIV virus. The yams also used to multiply breast milk.


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