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Muntingia Calabura Health Benefits For Cholesterol And Diabetes

This plant has long known as one of the traditional herbs, Muntingia Calabura health benefits to treat diabetes, stroke and cholesterol, according to tradition will explained on this page. It has one of the small and sweet fruit plants bright red, and Indonesian more familiar as cherry fruit.

Muntingia Calabura Health Benefits

Many people still use the  cherry fruit as a source of firewood. The wood used for rustic construction, and bark used to make ropes. The fruits can processed into jam and sweets. Some traditional methods maximize the way of boiling the leaves for cholesterol, especially the manufacture of herbal teas. Traditional medicine uses the leaves to treat headaches, prostate problems, cut gastric ulcers.

Muntingia Calabura Health Benefits

Muntingia calabura health benefits may not so widely known to people as herbs. But according to traditional medicine, the bark used as an antiseptic. The flowers used for an antiseptic, reduce swelling, antispasmodic. The fruit is useful to overcome the problem of breathing, anti diarrhea.

Cherry fruit often visited by various species of birds because it considered as a source of food, sources of nectar and seeds for bees. It has potential as a useful crop species for restoration of disturbed areas, and stops soil erosion. For the environment,  cherry fruit is very useful as a protection tree because of its shade.

There isn't so much leaves benefits that can used for herbs. Muntingia calabura health benefits in traditional are:
  1. Used as a remedy for diabetes.
  2. The leaves are very useful as anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, and anti-septic.
  3. The leaves are also useful for preventing cholesterol.

The recipe to cure cholesterol and diabetes are:
  1. To treat diabetes mellitus, Take 10 of fresh leaves.
  2. Boil into water 200 ml for 15 minutes until yellow. For dried leaves, just brew until the water is reddish.
  3. Drink this herb once a day on a regular basis until there is a decrease in your blood levels.
  4. To treat cholesterol, use the above ingredients and drink boiled water leaves three times a day.

Some people may experience side effects from boiled tea, among which there are allergies, kidney disorders, nausea and vomiting.


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