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Star Fruit Benefits, Recipes For Diabetes, Kidney, Liver, Rheumatic

The Averrhoa Carambola plant has cultivated for herbal medicine, people started planting it in the garden and in small pots. Processing roots, flowers, fruit Averrhoa Carambola for herbs, has long practiced by our parents. Star fruit benefits most often to culinary fruit dish than herbal medicine. Averrhoa Carambola grows most in Indonesia, the cultivated has spread to America. It cause the benefits to treat some diseases, and they begin to consume the fruits.

Star Fruit Benefits

Characteristic of Carambola looks distinctive, compound leaves that reach 50 cm long, branching much and growing to 5 meters. Carambola is very easy to develop because it does not need much sun. Some people even make it as a decorative plant in the shade. The flower is powerful herb, pink and usually appear on the end of a limb. Carambola has plenty of water, a potent diet to make health food.

On the previous page has described Averrhoa Carambola leaves benefits and recipe to treat cancer, ulceration and ulcers. The pharmacological effects of Averrhoa Carambola roots are taste acid, neutral, chelate or astringent, analgesic or relieve pain, and anti rheumatism. The fruit tastes sour, sweet, neutral, anti-inflammatory, salivary and urinary. The flowers taste sweet, used as anti malarial.

Star Fruit Benefits And Recipes

Here are some recipes of root herbs, flowers, and star fruit benefits are:

1. Carambola roots to treat liver disease: 

  • Take 12-15 grams of dried root, wash and add water.
  • Then boiled and drunk.

2. Carambola roots to treat joint pain, or rheumatism:

  • Offer 120 grams of fresh roots, wash and sliced.
  • Put them into 600 cc wine and leave for several hours.

3. Carambola roots to treat chronic headaches:

  • Take 30-45 grams of fresh roots that has clean and cut into small pieces, also 120 grams tofu.
  • Add water until both submerged, mashed both and eaten once a day.

4. Carambola roots to treat malaria and fever:

  • Take 15 to 24 grams of dried Averrhoa Carambola flowers.
  • Then brewed with hot water, this tea taken twice a day.

5. Carambola roots to treat kidney stones:

  • Take 5 small roots, then boiled into a liter water.
  • And added honey before drinking.

6. Star fruit benefits to treat hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cholesterol:

  • Take 2 fruits, eaten after breakfast and dinner, or you can make it a juice.
  • According to studies, people with high cholesterol, diabetics, should avoid eating sweet Carambola because of the high sugar. Should choose sour or green fruit with low sugar.

7. Star fruit benefits to treat influenza and sore throat:

  • Get 90 to 120 grams of fresh star fruit, then juice and strain the water.
  • Drink three times a day.

Cultivating roots, flowers, and star fruits has often practiced by Asians. The side effects of star fruits should not consumed by people who have problems in their kidney. Carambola has Oxalat and juice is more dangerous because its higher acid.


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