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Averrhoa Bilimbi Herb Recipes For Skin Care And Side Effects

Averrhoa Bilimbi, also known as vegetables by housewives in Indonesia. Our parents gave tips on how to whiten skin with Averrhoa Bilimbi herb recipes. Among them useful to whiten the skin on the face, body, hands and feet, also to treat acne, redden lips, and also to whiten teeth. It seems that the compounds contained in the fruit are very beneficial to health.

Averrhoa Bilimbi Herb Recipes

Averrhoa Bilimbi is a kind of small tree that may originate and flourish in the Maluku Islands. Then the plant is growing freely in Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Malaysia. Averrhoa Bilimbi tastes sour and often used as a spice cooking and herbal ingredients. Until now, there are still many people who use it, especially how to whiten skin with Averrhoa Bilimbi.

The Averrhoa Bilimbi characteristics marked with the form of leaf fin, stems unbranched, flowers shaped pink to purple stars. Fruit has five rooms, depending on the stem, watery and taste sour. The fruit contains high oxalate content, its not recommended for kidney patients. The chemical compounds contained potassium oxalate, flavonoids, pectin, tannins, gallic acid, ferulic acid. It is useful as an antipyretic and Expectorant.

The Filipinos use leaves to make pasta for the treatment of itching, swelling, rheumatism, mumps, skin eruptions, insect bites. Leaves infusion also used as a child tonic after birth, and flowers infusion to treat canker sores, flu and cough. And then the fermented leaves to treat venereal diseases. The French Guiana people process into a syrup to treat inflammation. The Thiruvananthapuram people in India utilize the fruits to control obesity, slimming, and as anti-hylperlipidemic.

Averrhoa Bilimbi Herb Recipes

Here's how to makes the fruits into a traditional medicine, and how to whiten the skin used Averrhoa Bilimbi:

1. Take or buy 10 fresh Averrhoa Bilimbi, and prepare a little warm water to make a mask.

  • Blend and add warm water to form a paste.
  • Apply your mask all over face and leave it.
  • After 15 minutes, rinse face using clean water.
  • Repeat this method every night, before bed.
  • The ingredient recipe also used for other skins, apply on your hands and feets to get the same benefits. Benefits of Averrhoa Bilimbi mask for beauty and skin care are:

2. Brighten your skin and also to treat acne.

  • Lifting dead skin cells, and cleansing the facial pores.
  • Treating skin fungus, such as rhinor, ringworm.
  • Other benefits also to treat canker sores on the lips, and brighten red on the lips. Here's Averrhoa Bilimbi herb recipes to treat other diseases:

3. To treat thrush, cough and sore throat, you should use the following recipe:

  • Take a handful of fresh Averrhoa Bilimbi flowers, and half handfull Pimpinella anisum fruits.
  • Blend both and put into 1/4 cup of water, you may add the sugar stone to taste.
  • This herb is taken twice a day, doses 1 to 2 tablespoons, every morning and afternoon.
  • To treat diabetes mellitus, diabetes, weight loss, to lower cholesterol:
  • Get 20 grams of fresh Averrhoa Bilimbi leaves, puree and add a glass of water.
  • Drink 1/4 cup, 2 times a day in every morning and afternoon.

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Averrhoa Bilimbi Side Effects

How to whiten skin considered very practical if you have this plant in garden. The side effects of Averrhoa Bilimbi herb recipes for those who consume regularly can cause kidney failure. Averrhoa Bilimbi contains high oxalate levels, cautious long-term use for weight loss.


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