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Avocado Leaves Tea Recipe To Kidney Stone Cleansing

Today many people suffer from kidney stones or Urolitiasis. Kidney stones are a piece of solid material or stones that form in the kidneys and out through the urinary tract. Generally, if kidney stones are small, the patient does not feel the symptoms. But if the kidney stones sized more than 5 millimeters, this stone will cause Ureter blockage and pain in the waist or abdomen. Our parents in Asia have inherited the traditional Kidney stone crusher from the fresh avocado leaves tea recipe. This herb helps the patient to do healing quickly.

Avocado Leaves Tea Recipe

It may cause bleeding in the urine, frequent vomiting, and urination is very painful. Kidney stones may formed by genetic and environmental factors. Also caused by high levels of urinary calcium, obesity, certain foods, drugs, calcium supplements, hyper-parathyroidism, and uric acid. And the most influential is if the patient does not drink water. If this has become a habit, proper that you prepare a traditional medicinal plant to cure kidney stones.

Avocado Leaves Tea Recipe

The most effective treatment is drink plenty of water, its recommend more than two liters per day. Treatment can also added with thiazide, citrate, or allopurinol diuretic methods. Avoid drinks containing phosphoric acid commonly found in Cola. Medications used contain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or opioid.

The traditional remedies for the destruction of kidney stones has long been use by our ancestors. Several types of plants are believed to be able to get rid kidney stones, such as parsley recipes and avocado leaves tea recipe. The avocado leaf content (Persea americana miller) is flavonoids, quercetin, polyphenol, tannin katekat, quinone, steroid, triterpenoids and sugar alkaline peroxide. It also has persin, a fungicide toxin that is generally harmless to humans, but harmful to pets.

Here is a traditional herb remedy of kidney stone from avocado leaves tea recipe:
  1. Get 7 fresh avocado leaves, then sliced into small pieces.
  2. Pour herbs into 110 ml of hot water, or water with low heat until boiling.
  3. The dose for a drink is 100 ml, take twice a day every morning and afternoon.

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Repeat avocado leaves tea recipe routinely until you feel the change in back pain. The above treatment should be accompanied by drinking a lot of water, especially mineral water more than 2 liters per day.


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