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Blueberry Juice Concentrate Health Benefits For Parents

According to research by the University of Exeter, blueberry juice concentrate health benefits to improves brain function in older people. This study is based on research on healthy people aged 65 to 77 years old by drinking concentrated blueberry juice every day. Analysis showed an improvement in cognitive function, blood flow to the brain, and the brain activation when performing cognitive tests, is also evidence to show an improvement in working memory.

Blueberry Juice Concentrate

According to Dr. Joanna Bowtell at the University of Exeter, human cognitive function tends to decline with age. Whereas previous research has shown that cognitive function better preserved in older adults and healthy with vegetable-rich foods.

Blueberry Juice Concentrate Health Benefits

In previous studies it maintain that reduced dementia risk when consuming more fruits and healthy vegetables. And better cognitive function in healthy adults older with a diet rich in plant foods. In general, Flavonoids can found in abundance in plants, substances that are likely to become an important component in causing these effects.

Blueberry juice concentrate health benefits rich in flavonoids, these substances known to have antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory. In this study, scientists have proved, within 12 weeks to drink 30 ml of blueberry juice concentrate every day, then the brain blood flow, brain activation, and some aspects of memory increased in healthy adults who are older.

The study involved approximately 26 healthy adult participants, 12 of them were give drinking blueberry juice concentrate. Scientists gave 230 grams of blueberry drink once a day, while 14 other participants received a placebo. Placebo, the medical term for therapeutic drugs or medical procedures that do not have proof of the usefulness for the patient's recovery.

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Before and after the 12-week period, participants were ask to perform cognitive tests. Scientists also use MRI scanners to monitor brain function and measure cerebral blood flow. These test results are much better than the placebo group participants. People who consume blueberry supplementation showed a significant increase in brain activity, especially in brain areas associated with these tests.


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