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Cat Whiskers Tea Health Benefits, Orthosiphon Aristatus Recipes

Orthosiphon Aristatus is known to people who have experienced kidney disease and back pain. This plant called cat whiskers, Java tea, our parents have long known the orthosiphon aristatus tea benefits. This plant is in the family Lamiaceae / Labiatae, one of the herbs spread in South China, India, Southeast Asia and Queensland.

cat whiskers

Since ancient times, our parents have used cat whiskers to cure back pain, including diseases related to the kidneys and urinary tract. This plant is powerful in destroying kidney stones and eliminating the pain it causes. Cat whiskers tea is now known as one of the herbs used by Western and Eastern people, even already produced in herbal medicine.

The cat's whiskers made of herbal tea or a mixture of some herbs. Among them are to cure urination, kidney stones cleansing, inflammation of the kidney, rheumatism, to cure syphilis, constipation, and to treat diabetes. Cat whiskers tea believed to contain genkosid compounds orthosifonin, fatty acids, essential oils, vegetable oils, saponins, sapofonin, and potassium salts.

Cat whiskers usually attract the bees, butterflies and birds to the nectar. This plant trunked wet, height reaches 1.5 meters and the leaves are oval. The flowers are white like a cat's whiskers, the stems easily broken and square-shape. Its usually grow wild in fields, riverbanks, or rather moist soil. This plant thrives to an altitude of 700 mdpl.

Cat Whiskers Tea Recipes

The cat whiskers tea to treat some diseases, and traditional recipes in Indonesia are as follows:
  1. To treat urination. Prepare fresh leaves as many as a quarter of the handheld. Add 1 cup water, then boil for 15 minutes until water becomes half glass. Taken half a glass, 2 times a day.
  2. To treat kidney stones. Provide herb plants whiskers cat 6 grams, Phyllanthus Urinaria as many as 7 young weeds. Put all the herbs into the water 150 ml, then heat for 15 minutes to become 100 ml. Taken 100 ml, 2 times a day.
  3. For diabetes treatment. Provide 20 leaves of cat's whiskers, 20 leaves of Green chiretta (Andrographis paniculata). Add all herbs to 150 ml of water and heat for 15 minutes to 100 ml. This herb taken 100 ml per day.
  4. To cure back pain. Provide a handful of fresh leaves, and Papaya stems 4 cm. Add all herbs to 150 ml of water and heat for 15 minutes to 100 ml, then strain. Taken 100 ml per day.
  5. Choose an herbal recipe, it's not recommended to use all recipes at once. The benefit of a cat's whiskers depends on how to process them, especially when extraction by heating or making intravenous water. To make the infuse, the herb must boil at 90-98 degrees for 15 minutes.
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Avoid using herbal cat whiskers in patients with heart failure, kidney failure, because it can cause edema. Avoid using cat whiskers for long periods of time, and recommended to drink more than 2 liters of water per day.


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