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Coughing Up Blood Natural Cures With Cordyline Fruticosa

Cordyline Fruticosa Rubra, or Palm Lily, Ti Plant, Good luck Plant, is a genus of 15 species of woody Monocotyledonous flowering plants. Its comes from the Asparagaceae family, the Lomandroideae subfamily. Coughing up blood natural cures with its leaves have long used as swelling remedies, coughing up blood, and overcoming menstruation.

Coughing Up Blood Natural Cures With Cordyline Fruticosa

Palm Lily spread throughout the Polynesian region as a cultivated plant. The rhizomes of starchy plants and taste very sweet when ripe. Some traditions eat leaves and rhizomes as food and medicine. The red leaves benefits have long used in Polynesia, among them Mori who often consume rhizome and leaves.

Coughing Up Blood Natural Cures

The Hawaiian tradition makes use of the leaves as a Hula skirt, made up of 50 layers of leaves. The Tonga dance gowns utilizes Palm Lily, and decorated with some yellow or red leaves. Ancient Hawaiians consider to have a spiritual power. Only high priests and chieftains can wear leaves around the neck during certain ritual activities. Some Hawaiians cultivated near the house because it considered to bring a good luck. The red Palm Lily benefits used by Hawaiians for antiseptic drugs and diuretics.

In tradition in Indonesia, some of the benefits of leaves have long considered very effective for treating health problems. This plant also named Wood Urip, Endong, or Linjuwang. Palm Lily generally grows wildly fenced or in graves as an ornamental plant, and thrives in the lowlands up to 1900 mdpl.

Chemical content of leaves include Steroids, Polysaccharides. The benefits used as Hemostatics, Anti-swelling, and Coughing up blood. Here's the coughing up blood natural cures:
  1. Provide 5 fresh Palm Lily leaves.
  2. Boil for 15 minutes into water
  3. Its drink 100 ml a day.

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Generally, Asian often cultivate in the garden, plant height can reach 5 meters. The stalks look hard, the leaves are clearly visible. The leaves are dark green and leaf edges flat. Single leaf belt and stick to the stem. Flower shape panicle, characterized marks grow between the leaves with a long flower stalk. While the characteristics of fruit such as berries, red color shiny. And has dirty white fibrous roots.


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