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Dysmenorrhea Home Remedy, Menstrual Cramps Herbal Tea

Every woman has ever felt dysmenorrhea, this muscle cramps felt in the lower abdomen. These symptoms usually appear before or are experiencing menstruation. Not many women can withstand pain, it can quite severe and spread to the back and thighs for 2-3 days. Dysmenorrhea home remedy naturally with traditional Asian herbs that actually work.

Dysmenorrhea Home Remedy

The walls of the uterine muscles are interacting to suppress the surrounding blood vessels. Oxygen levels into the uterus inhibited so that the pain appears in the lower abdomen, this causes dysmenorrhea unbearable. Conditions like these very common, and the pain felt by each woman may vary.

Dysmenorrhea Home Remedy

How to treat dysmenorrhea naturally for home remedy? Dysmenorrhea home remedy has been use by our ancestors since hundreds of years ago. Today many people are barely familiar with the benefits of the various plants. One of them is tamarind, this herb has various benefits for health. Tamarind not only used to treat dysmenorrhea, but also to treat fever, eczema, and weight loss herbs.

Tamarind grows for years and is a large plant, the height can reach 15 m. The leaves look like fins, where every year between September to October, the leaves will fall to change with new ones. The flowers are yellow, while the fruit is brown-shape pods. These plants grow wild in coastal areas, but some cultivated by farmers. Tamarind thrives in lowland altitude 1 to 300 mdpl.

Tamarind used in traditional medicine to treat fever, stomach disorders, diarrhea and jaundice, and as a skin cleanser. Benefits of tamarind as laxan, analgesic, diacritic, and laxative. Here's dysmenorrhea home remedy naturally with herbal tea:
  1. Take a tamarind and a turmeric rhizome, and put the herbs into 200 ml of water, then boil.
  2. Strain the herbs for a drink as much as 100 ml. Do it in the morning and afternoon.

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Chemical content in the tamarind are vitamin A, cellulose, acid compounds that bound by potassium, tartrate, invert sugar, and pectin. This herb will also cure fever caused by unbearable pain.


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