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Emilia Sonchifolia Benefits, Antibiotics Severe Infections

Many Asians use this herb, the secret of Emilia Sonchifolia benefits (Lilac Tasselflower, Cupid's Shaving Brush) for infectious drugs. Emilia Sonchifolia has been use as an anti-toxic and anti-biotic mixture in the pharmaceutical industry. This plant grows wild in China, Southeast Asia, then spread outside to Africa, Australia, and America.

Emilia Sonchifolia Benefits

Emilia Sonchifolia is a weed plant, a shrub that is often locate in your garden and garden. These plants found on the edge of the road, plantations, paddy fields, even in the back and front of your house. Currently, not many people know the Emilia Sonchifolia benefits as a traditional herb that has been use in Asia.

Emilia Sonchifolia Benefits

Emilia Sonchifolia benefits as a medicinal herb in China called Ye xia Hong. It also includes one of India's "ten sacred flowers" of Kerala, called Dasapushpam. While in the country of Vietnam, Emilia Sonchifolia has been use for the treatment of fever, sore throat, to cure diarrhea, eczema and as an antidote for snake bites.

There are still many Emilia Sonchifolia benefits that we do not know, such as can cure flu, respiratory infections, treat pneumonia, wound infections such as the big toe, and canker sores. Also to treat ulcers and bruises, liver, earache, urine laxative, and diarrhea.

The characteristics of Emilia Sonchifolia, the morphology as follows:
  1. Plants can produce some flower heads. Long flower stems with pink or purplish flowers.
  2. The Emilia Conchifolia plant belongs to the category of 'eternal herb' which has been use since ancient times. This plant grows as high as 40 cm and can reach 120 cm.
  3. Leaves irregularly serrated or Lyrate-Pinnatilobed. Leaf length about 10 cm, after the old sometimes purplish color. Leaves single, triangular shape elongated, scattered and gathered tightly on the stem of the plant. While the top leaves are green and the bottom is a bit purplish red.
  4. The fruit was hard, brown line with a length of about 4 mm.

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Generally people in Indonesia cultivate Emilia Sonchifolia for ornamental plants around the house. But if the growth more and more, this plant cleared from the yard because considered weeds like Hedyotis Corymbosa. Until now there are still some people who consume leaves Emilia Sonchifolia as fresh vegetables with bitter taste. Emilia Sonchifolia benefits has long taught by ancestors as a healthy food and to prevent various diseases.


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