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Gonorrhea Herbal Cure, Chlamydia Treatments In Males

Gonorrhea is one of sexually transmitted diseases because of the bacterium Neisseria Gonorrhoeae that infects the inner layers of the urethra, cervix, rectum, throat, and conjunctive parts. In Asia, many people treating gonorrhea traditionally using some herbs. Gonorrhea herbal cure, alternative medicine for Chlamydia and plants will be described on this page.

Gonorrhea Herbal Cure

Gonorrhea spreads through the bloodstream, especially the skin and joints. Should avoid direct contact with patients, especially sexual intercourse. Gonorrhea bacteria propagate into the genital tract and infect the hip membrane in women. This infection causes pain in the hip and reproductive disorders. If not treated immediately, bacterial infections will spread to deeper tissues.

Gonorrhea Herbal Cure

Neisseria Gonorrhoeae bacteria develop colonize to form diplococci or monosseous single. Humans are the only natural host, so bacteria require direct contact with the body's mucosa. Generally transmitted through sex and using the toilet seat.

To make herbs at home, you need some plants to cure gonorrhea. This plant may be around the house or in your farm. Here's some gonorrhea herbal cure already done by Indonesian:
  1. Provide 30 grams of dried Lantana Camara root, 30 grams of Andrographis paniculata Nees leaf, and 30 grams of Tinospora crispa leaves (L.) Miers. All herbs put into water 600 cc, boiled water until remaining 300 cc. Strain the potion and drink twice a day.
  2. Provide cogongrass roots (rhizome of Imperata Cylindrica Raeusch) as much as 6 grams, the rhizome Kaempferia Rotunda L as much as 5 grams, and leaves Orthosiphon Aristatus as much as 4 grams. Put all herbs into 115 ml of clean water, then boil a few minutes until the remaining water is 100 ml. Brewed and drink once a day. This herb is repeated for 14 days. This herb can also treat nosebleeds, vomiting blood and blood urine.
  3. Treatment for skin of Gonorrhea Virulenta: provide Santalum Album wood (sandalwood) and milled until smooth. Add water or Santalum Album oil, then apply to sick skin.

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You can choose one of the recipes for gonorrhea herbal cure, but not recommended to use it entirely. Except adding herbal paste for skin treatment. A powerful way to prevent the spread of gonorrhea is by not having sexual intercourse. And make sure your toilet is clean, especially in public toilets.


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