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Hippobroma Longiflora Benefits In Medicinal Herb Of Asia

Most people do not know the Hippobroma longiflora benefits in medicinal herb, other names is Star of Bethlehem or Madamfate. This plant also called as Isotoma longiflora Presi, or Laurentia longiflora (L) Petern. Hippobroma longiflora is one of those herbs from the family Campanulaceae.

Hippobroma longiflora benefits

The plant comes from the West Indies, Hippobroma longiflora grows wild in the waterways, riverbanks, rice fields, around the fence and other places temperate moist. Indonesian have known Hippobroma longiflora as traditional medicine and the sap of the plant considered poisonous. But according to CCRC Pharmacy UGM, the excess of this plant as an anti-inflammatory, anti-neoplastic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and hemostatic.

Hippobroma Longiflora Benefits

In Indonesia, this plant is thought to have come from the West Indies. Hippobroma longiflora thrives in the lowlands about 1100 meters above sea level. The characteristics of an upright herb plant, up to 60 cm tall, branching from the base, sharp taste and the white sap contains toxins. Characteristics of a single leaf, oblong shape and a rough surface. Tapered end portion and the base of the leaves narrowed with curved edges inward. This leaves looked toothed and curved pinnate. Green leaves with a length of between 5 to 17 cm and a width of 2 to 3 cm.

Upright flower shapes and single, generally flower out of the armpit of the leaves. Characteristics of long-stemmed flowers and white star-shaped crown. Hippobroma longiflora also bear fruit in the form of a bell-shaped box, bent and broke into two spaces. If the split will appear drupe much. Cultivation of this plant can done by extending the seeds by distributing seeds. Or by stem cuttings or transferring children of the plant.

According to some stories of parents and previous record in Indonesia, the Hippobroma longiflora benefits to cure several diseases are:
  1. Hippobroma longiflora to cure brain aneurysms. Take a plant with roots mixed with a betel leaves, five grains of coriander, and a onion. The herb boiled in two cups of water to one cup, then drink once a day.
  2. This plant cure toothache. two leaves that have washed in finely crushed, then place it on a tooth cavity.
  3. Hippobroma Longiflora benefits to cure asthma, bronchitis, and sore throat disease. You can boil the three leaves that have washed, mixed with 2 cups of water until the remaining one cup. Then drink 2 times a day every morning and evening.
  4. Healing the wounds by grinding the leaves finely washed, and then put on the wounds and bandaged with a clean cloth. This herb can replaced 3 times a day.
  5. Hippobroma Longiflora benefits to cure cancer, because these plants contain alkaloids compounds. Lobelin, lobelamin, isotomin, this substance is used as an anti-cancer. Making the simple concoction by boiling 3 leaves along the stem, then boiled with 5 cups of water to dose into 2 glasses. Boiling concoction using a low heat, and drink up out in one day.

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According to research the Hippobroma longiflora benefits, leaves very useful for toothache, asthma, bronchitis, sore throat, and cure wounds. While Hippobroma longiflora flowers can used for eye drops. In fact the whole plant is very effective as a cancer herbs. But this plant contains toxic, and the dose should not exceed 3 leaves for a drink.


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