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Palm Oil Health Risks, Reduce Sensitivity to Insulin

Palm oil health risks will reduce the body's sensitivity to insulin and lead to an increase in fat deposits as well as changes in the energy metabolism of the liver. People overweight, obese, and those with type 2 diabetes, often associated with foods high in fat or saturated fat consumption.

Palm Oil Health Risks

At least this study provides information about the earliest changes in liver metabolism in the long run. Changes in metabolism causes fatty liver disease in people who are overweight, and diabetes type 2. The study of the effects of high-fat foods published in the latest issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Palm Oil Health Risks

Scientific studies conducted in healthy male slim, and given randomly consumption using palm oil in controlled trials. Palm oil health risks contains saturated fats found in two cheeseburgers with bacon, a large portion of fries or two pizzas. A single high-fat foods is enough to reduce the action of insulin, for example by causing insulin resistance and increasing the levels of liver fat.

Consumption of high fat diet causes changes in the energy balance of the liver. These metabolic changes similar to the changes observed in patients with type 2 diabetes or fatty liver disease (NAFLD). NAFLD is the most common liver disease in industrialized countries and associated with obesity (metabolic syndrome). Also associated with an increased risk in the development of type 2 diabetes Securities advanced stages of fatty liver disease can cause severe liver damage.

Prof. Dr. Michael Roden said palm fat content quickly and directly interacts impact on the hearts of healthy people, and the amount of fat promotes insulin resistance. Scientists monitor hepatic metabolism of people with dominant non-invasive technology, such as magnetic resonance spectroscopy. This technique makes it possible to track the storage of sugar and fat and energy metabolism of mitochondria.

This method is able to verify that the intake of palm oil health risks for the metabolic activity of muscle, liver and fat tissue. Induced insulin resistance leads to increased formation of new sugar in the liver, along with a decrease in the absorption of sugar in the muscle. The mechanism makes the increase in glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

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Insulin resistance in fat tissue led to the release of increased fat into the bloodstream. Increased fat causes increased workload in the mitochondria, which in the long run weaken the energy plant cells and can lead to liver disease.

For healthy people (depending on the genetic predisposition) will easily manage the direct impact of a high fat diet on metabolic network. But the consequences in the long term, high-fat foods can lead to more health problems.


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