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Paronychia Home Treatment Using Emilia Sonchifolia

Herbal paste of Emilia Sonchifolia L has taught long ago for the acute Paronychia home treatment. This plant is growing wild in China, Southeast Asia, then spread out to Africa, Australia, and America. To know more about Emilia Sonchifolia morphology has discussed on the previous page.

Paronychia Home Treatment

In some parts of Indonesia, many people eat Emilia Sonchifolia leaves as vegetables. The leaves taste like bitter herbs, but have a good effect on health. Currently Emilia Sonchifolia plant has been use for a mixture of anti-toxic and anti-biotic in the pharmaceutical industry. This plant is used to treat colds, respiratory infections, pneumonia, and infections due to injury, ulcers, bruises and canker sores.

Acute Paronychia Home Treatment

Paronychia usually occurs in the fingernails of the hands and feet due to several factors. Among others, because the nail cut is too short, causing infection in between. Paronychia occurs in the nail interruption accompanied by swelling which also caused by bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas, and bacteria Anaerob. Generally after infection occurs, acute paronychia will make the patient feel sick and reddish wounds.

Other causes are often sucking fingertips, biting nails, manicure, and using fake nails. It also caused by Pemphigus Vulgaris and infiltration disorders of organisms. Pemphigus vulgaris is a chronic skin disease as a reaction of type II hypersensitivity that attacks desmosomes. So that the skin layer is separate and the clinical picture resembles abrasions, physiological such as severe burns.

According to some studies, Paronychia also caused by isotretinoin acne medicine. Isotretinoin (INN) is known as 13-cis-retinoic acid, an oral pharmaceutical drug used to treat severe nodular acne. Paronychia often treated with antibiotics, both topical and oral. And chronic paronychia most often caused by yeast infections and bacteria in the soft tissues around the nail.

You do not have to worry, our parents have long discovered Paronychia home treatment herbal paste. This herb is made from Emilia Sonchifolia leaves that grow wild. Emilia Sonchifolia leaf has known in medical as a natural anti-biotic source of infection treatment. Here is an easy way to make acute paronychia home treatment, other skin infections and inflammations:
  1. Get the Emilia Sonchifolia and grab the leaves and stems, approximately enough to bind Paronychia wounds. Pound the leaves and stems until smooth, plus a little salt, stir evenly. Then put on Paronychia with cloth wrapped, replaced twice daily.
  2. To treat ulcers, pimples, infections and other inflammation of pus. Take the leaves and stems then milled until smooth. Add a little brown sugar, and stir evenly. Then put on boils and pimples with a clean cloth, and replaced twice daily.

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The above ingredients are a powerful and economical way to deal with infections and skin inflammation. Moreover, Emilia Sonchifolia plant is easy to find, so we can utilize weeds as potential plants. Acute paronychia home treatment has long been use by our ancestors, to avoid amputation of the thumb due to acute infection.


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