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Pluchea Indica Recipes And Benefits For Woman's Health

Pluchea Indica recipes considered to have many benefits for women's health. Here we will explain how to process the leaves to treat some diseases. It is a flowering plant species of the Aster family, Asteraceae. The plants thought to originate from Asia and Australia, other named Indian camphor weed, Indian Fleabane, or Indian Pluchea. The plants commonly found in the Pacific Islands, the species is developing highly invasive.

Pluchea Indica Recipes

In traditional medicine, the leaves benefits have used by our parents since thousands of years ago. Traditional medicine considered very powerfully to treat some diseases. The leaves benefits to treat leucorrhoea, eliminate body odor, stiff, mouth odor, low back pain and rheumatism, flatulence. The most powerful benefit is to kill the bacteria that cause odors and fungi.

It is a shrub species, has 2 meters tall, characterizes by muscular but not thin oval leaves. The leaves have smooth hair layers, flower heads grow in groups in the petiole and tip of the branch. Characteristics of long purple and prominent petals. The fruit length just a few millimeters with 5 millimeters white pappus, and the seeds spread through the wind.

The plant grows in wet saline coastal habitat, most widely grown in swamp and mangrove swamps. According to the study, it has ß-sitosterol and stigmasterol, both of which considered to have anti-diabetic properties. These obtained from root extract to neutralize the venom of Daboia Russelii (Russell's viper) and monocled cobra (Naja Kaouthia). The leaves benefits for health usually use for diaphoretic, analgesic, stomatitis.

Pluchea Indica Recipes And Benefits

Pluchea Indica is a kind of herb plant that anyone can make a simple recipe from these plant with just a simple method easily. How to process the leaves to treat some health problems? Here are the recipes to treat Leukorrhea or (leucorrhoea - British), body odor, rheumatism or rheumatic disorder, and malaria :

1. The leaves to treat leucorrhoea, eliminate body odor, get rid of bad breath, bacteria:

  • Take 20 young and fresh leaves, and an Elephantopus Scaber roots.
  • Boil herbs into water 3 cups to 1 cup.
  • This water once a day in the morning as much as 1/4 cup.
  • The herb is very good for uterine health.

2. To treat joint pain, lumbago and to treat rheumatism, stiffness:

  • Take 5 grams of fresh roots, 7 grams of Kaempferia Galanga rhizome, 6 gram Curcuma zanthorrhiza rhizome, and 6 grams of fresh turmeric rhizome.
  • Boil into 3 glasses of water to become a cup.
  • Drink a glass every day.

3. Treatment to cure malaria, facial and skin care:

  • Take 30 sheets of fresh leaves, 7 fresh betel leaves, 9 sheets of Blumea Balsamifera leaves, 2 handfuls of fresh young tamarind leaves.
  • Boil all the herbs into 20 liters of water.
  • Take 1 liter to drink a day 3 glasses, the rest used for steam baths placed in a closed room as aroma therapy. Steam bath used for facial beauty treatments.

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Pluchea Indica recipes for health with simple methods can be done at home easily. The herbs are very powerful stop the growth of E. Coli and K. Pneumonia bacteria and increase insulin in diabetic patients. The leaves typical aromatic smell, taste bitter, fresh, to increase appetite and help digestion.


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