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UTI Treatment Without Antibiotics Using Adiantum Cuneatum

Adiantum Cuneatum not only as an ornamental plant in the garden. But also has a good herbal for urinary tract infection or UTI treatment without antibiotics. Adiantum Cuneatum known as a very popular fern plant in Indonesia to decorate the room and garden.

UTI Treatment Without Antibiotics

Adiantum Cuneatum belongs to Adiantum and belongs to the Vittarioideae, Pteridaceae. There are various types of plants Adiantum, but we use is Adiantum Cuneatum. This fern plant is currently considered only as a room decoration. But in health, ferns are herbaceous plants with high economic value to uti treatment without antibiotics.

UTI Treatment Without Antibiotics

Adiantum Cuneatum plants grow generatively, usually through spores located on the edges of the underside of the mature leaves. Adiantum Cuneatum morphology is different from other fern plants, the morphology of which is:
  1. Plant height can reach 1.3 meters. Adiantum Cuneatum leaves tend to round, not elongated and green. The length of the petiole is about 20 to 40 cm.
  2. Spores protected by sporangium protected by the indigenous.
  3. The ental shafts are black and glossy, sometimes scaly as the plants are full-grown.
  4. The leaves grow from the rhizomes in a circular shape inward, and slowly open. The roots are fibrous and grow from the rhizomes.
  5. Adiantum Cuneatum can not tolerate direct sun exposure, likes loose soil and rich in organic matter.

Urinary tract infection usually caused by three factors, some of them are bacteria in the urinary tract. The most common causes of UTI are:
  1. Impaired kidney health, or acute pyelonephritis.
  2. Generally the patient feels uncomfortable in the lower abdomen, pelvis feels like pressed, urinating repeatedly and painful. Worse if accompanied by blood in the urine.
  3. The patient feels genital pain during urination, usually caused by bacteria .

We should also know the benefits of leaves Adiantum Cuneatum to uti treatment without antibiotics. Besides being an ornamental plant that can be place in the room and outdoors, Adiantum Cuneatum also as herb. The benefits of leaves Adiantum Cuneatum to cure UTI, and root used to helminth therapy. According to some studies, the leaves of Adiantum Cuneatum contain saponins, flavonoids and tannins, and the roots contain saponins. To get maximum benefit in compounding herbal of uti treatment without antibiotics, here's the receipe:
  1. Take 10 grams of fresh leaves. Then wash and boil with 1 glass of water for 15 minutes.
  2. Wait until the herbs cool, then strain. This herb is divided into two, taken twice a day every morning and evening.

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The benefits of Adiantum Cuneatum leaves as herbs have long been use by people in Indonesia till today. This plant needs special attention, can not growth in wet and planting medium must be moist.


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