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Yellow Banana Health Benefits Increase Stamina, Prevent Blindness

What are the yellow banana health benefits? Yellow bananas proved to be much more beneficial to the nutritional content is more complete than the green bananas. Some of the following information quoted from a leading university research, which suggests the consumption of bananas.

Yellow Banana Health Benefits

According to scientists, the yellow banana health benefits has its own advantages, among prevent permanent blindness due to vitamin A deficiency by increasing consumption of carotenoid found in a banana yellow. As a stamina enhancer that is very suitable for sports athletes, and prevent inflammatory bowel Crohn's disease.

Yellow Banana Health Benefits

Carotenoids precursors of vitamin essential for eye health, can found in a variety of different banana cultivars. Currently the lack of vitamin A has penetrated in Southeast Asia and Africa, causing 250 to 500 thousand children suffered permanent blindness each year. Half of them declared dead within a year after losing their eyesight.

In the fight against vitamin A deficiency, scientists have been investigating methods to improve the carotenoids in bananas. These compounds will change the fruits and vegetables red, orange or yellow, and converted into vitamin A in the liver. During this time, many people do not understand how it benefits the yellow banana producing and storing carotenoids.

According to the scientist, the color of pale yellow bananas have lower blood levels of carotenoids Cavendish produce enzymes that break down excess carotenoids. The orange color Asupina stashes of carotenoids in microscopic sacs during maturation, shifting the chemical equilibrium in the fruit so as to produce a higher quality.

Bananas have long recognized as a source of energy to increase stamina and endurance, rich in potassium and other nutrients, as well as easily consumed for cyclists, joggers or walkers. According to the scientist, bananas provide antioxidants that not found in sports drinks as well as a greater nutritional value, including fiber, potassium and vitamin B6. In addition, bananas have the same benefits as a blend of sugar and sports drinks.

Yellow banana health benefits also felt by people with Crohn's disease, a disease affecting one in 800 people in the UK and causes chronic intestinal inflammation, causing pain, bleeding and diarrhea. Patients with Crohn's have increased the number of E. coli bacteria, and the ability to fight off intestinal bacteria weakened. E Coli Bacteria sticky able to penetrate the intestinal wall via special cells, called M-cells that act as 'gatekeepers' to the lymphatic system.

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Crohn's disease has endemic throughout the world, but is more common in developed countries, where the diet low in fiber and generally processed foods. Dietary factors and the increased number of E. coli bacteria in the intestine of Crohn's patients to explain the relationship between the food and the transportation of bacteria in the body.

In patients with Crohn's disease, these bacteria cause chronic inflammation in the intestines. The scientists found that the banana fiber prevents the absorption and transport of bacteria in the M-Sel. The test results revealed that polysorbate had the opposite effect with banana fiber, and encourage the movement of bacteria through the cells.


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